Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Jesi Max

One Piece 882 - Gear 4 "Beast Man"

Every fan expects Luffy to become even more determined in defeating Katakuri in One Piece 882. However, not everyone agrees on just how Luffy might manage to best Katakuri, a seemingly impossible feat given the fact that he is known to be the strongest among Big Mom’s three Sweet Commanders. But still, theories abound on just how this might come to pass. For instance, there are speculations that Luffy could undergo awakening in One Piece Chapter 882. Though the mechanism on how it can be triggered is still unclear, it is said to have happened in the distant past with the result of drastically increasing the power of a fighter’s techniques.
Another speculation doing the rounds is that Luffy might develop the Gear 5 technique to breach the power difference between himself and his opponent. While indeed a tempting thought, not many fans believe it can actually happen so soon. What many are hoping, though, is that Luffy will develop a new Gear 4 technique effective enough to counter Katakuri’s mochi-based attacks. And finally, it is also possible that Luffy might find a weakness in Katakuri’s mochi in the coming One Piece Chapter 882. As previously discussed in an Inquisitr article, Oda might have introduced a weakness inherent to Katakuri’s mochi-based attack waiting to be uncovered, a fatal weakness that can be compared to Cracker’s biscuit soldiers becoming soft against water. Unfortunately, fans will have to endure a bit of waiting before they will know just what kind of surprise Oda has in store for them. The team is on a break this week, which means that the One Piece 882 release date will be moved a week later or on October 19, 2017.

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