Wednesday, 23 August 2017

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One Piece 876 Manga - Pudding And Chiffon Collab with Sanji To Bake

In the end One Piece 876 English Release Bigmom Siblings and Strawhat will be force to work together to stop Big Mom while cake is being prepared. I don't think Big Mom will spare everyone on her Cake Rage. Specially if she learns Peros Pero was lying. Big Mom will probably get stunned by the cake giving them time to let the strawhat move out and Pudding can clear memory at-least before Big Bird start posting those Big News then somebody from the siblings will die. As mentioned before, the cake won't stop Big Mom to chase the Strawhats. It'd just push Big Mom to want Sanji even more With that said, the way Oda did it is funny. If at least Sanji didn't see the sunny danger but he saw it, yet still let his friends handle things to focus on the cake when the executives let alone Katakuri are on board? I'm curious to see the direction.will decide to go with this. I expect Jinbei's ability will be greatly helpful on sea but not sure about Pedro. I guess he could finish his fight with Tamago after somehow regaining his soul from that homie. Well, Chiffon is amazing at making Chiffon cakes, too. To be quite honest this seems so forced. There is no need for Sanji to even help them bake a cake. Chiffon and Pudding would have been enough for the cake baking process. I mean, cakes are not even Sanji's specialty. He actually specializes in seafood.

I feel like this would be infinitely better if if went like this:

Big Mom starts raging about in Sweet City for wedding cake after the Tamatebako destroys her castle. The bigmom pirates don't know what to do to get her a cake in time. Pudding, who was supposed to meet up at the Sunny earlier in the arc, rushes there this time and begs them to help make a cake to save them. Chivalrous Sanji the comes out and shines by agreeing to bake the cake and save them instead of just leaving. I don't really have that much a problem with the making the cake ending, but with basically everything after Big Mom started rampaging. This way we don't have a complete shitting on any of the Bigmom Pirates. 

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