Sunday, 27 August 2017

Jesi Max

18 of My Favorite Tops to Wear to the Office

Office attire should always be versatile, and while we might assume a classic blazer or tailored trouser to be the most malleable work item of all, it’s actually a strong collection of the best office tops that will get you through the week with ease. Yes, dresses are easy to throw on in a pinch, but tops (shirts, blouses, knits, etc.) offer up a plethora of styling techniques so you can get creative with your work wardrobe every day.

Here, I have rounded up the best tops for the office that I either already own or that are currently on my wish list. The lucky numbers ahead are easy to wear with everything from skirts, jeans, blazers, and you can dress them up or down—the list goes on and on. All you need to know is that investing in a handful of office tops will leave your co-workers impressed, and your work wardrobe will be off the charts.

Jesi Max

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