Saturday, 22 July 2017

Jesi Max

How Celebrities Wear Cool "Dad Hats" on the Weekend

Sometimes a fashion girl's favorite piece isn't off the runways (or even off the rack) but an often-overlooked, everyday basic. This one especially can serve up surprisingly refreshing results when juxtaposed against an otherwise fashion-forward ensemble. Quotidian basics like plain white T-shirts, old-school sweatshirts, and even sneakers previously reserved for gym class have all been tapped by the fashion set for a statement-making revival.

One such item has been particularly popular—and polarizing—to top off just about any ensemble: the dad hat. For the past couple of years, cool dad hats have made their way into the hands (and onto the heads) of the fashion world's best dressed—from street style stars to our favorite celebrities. For a variety of fashion-girl outfit formulas—whether paired with laid-back athleisure ensembles or finishing off more elevated looks—the dad hat has proven its versatility and staying power.

Jesi Max

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