Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Jesi Max

See Kate Moss’ Mystical New Jewelry Collaboration

Kate Moss may have appeared in countless brand campaigns, but the super is notoriously particular about those she aligns with personally in the fashion business. Moss most recently made the leap via a jewelry collab with Ara Vartanian, a Brazilian fine jewelry designer with a celebrity cult following. The reason for the partnership is based almost entirely on aesthetic appreciation, “I was amazed at the quality of his craftsmanship and also the way that he makes extravagant jewelry with big diamonds and other gemstones, but makes it look so modern,” Moss explains to BAZAAR. For his part, Vartanian is a fan of Moss’ famed personal style, “Kate has unique taste for pieces that could be contemporary or could be old for me to explore that with her was a great experience. There are no rules on how to wear jewelry.

You wear what you feel like and she breaks boundaries and rules.” “We had many sessions in her wardrobe and dressing room where we looked at the pieces she has that are important to her for inspiration,” Vartanian continues. The results of those sessions is a limited-edition collection that plays off of Ara Vartanian’s most-loved designs mixed with a modern take on old English legends and mysticism done up in 18kt gold with stones including amethyst, citrine, garnet, and green goldstone, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces set with diamonds and rubies. The collection references medieval symbols like swords reminiscent of St George, Patron Saint of England, who, as legend has it, slayed a dragon to save a Pagan town, as well as sickle moon symbols and amulets which bring protection and good energy. “Ara always wore this pendant which he explained brings good energy. I told him I loved it and he gave it to me, so he had to make another one of his own! When we spoke about working together, I said I wanted to make more jewelry like that pieces that have meaning, and that you can wear every day,” Moss continues. See pieces from the collection before they hit they hit the Ara Vartanian Flagship store in London as well as Harvey Nichols and harveynichols.com.

Jesi Max

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