Saturday, 18 February 2017

Jesi Max

Pamela Anderson Steps Out in New York’s Buzziest New Label

Well, that was fast. It’s only been a few days since the buzzy under-the-radar label Section 8 had its first show, but the clothes seem to have found their way onto Pamela Anderson. The bombshell was spotted on the brand’s Instagram @sctn8 wearing a fresh-from-the-runway look: a mullet (shorter in the front, that is) pencil skirt and a grey bustier top.

Section 8 is comprised of a group of anonymous designers, but known names include London designer Ryohei Kawanishi and Hood By Air stylist Akeem Smith. (Among the mix of business casual looks and a Fubu sweatshirt reimaged as a skirt that were shown, the label also infamously used koi fish as an accessory, placing them into models's mouths. ) Anderson is a surprisingly good fit for the clothing. She’s been a more-is-more icon during her bare-it-all Baywatch days, and since last year, her pared-back style transformation once again put her back on the fashion radar. Though it seems unlikely Anderson will be accessorizing with a koi fish in her mouth, it’s nice to see a celebrity giving this very new label some star power.

Jesi Max

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