Friday, 3 February 2017

Jesi Max

Name-Dropping Is Cool Again: Here’s How to Wear Logos in 2017

It used to be that when you dropped some serious coin on high-end designer fare, you wanted to make sure everyone within viewing distance knew what brand you had the purchase power to sport around town. But like with every in-your-face sartorial statement, the fashion community experienced a bit of logo backlash with many influencers opting to not wear their hearts on their sleeves (or anywhere else for that matter). Fashion, much like history, is doomed to repeat itself and the once shunned act of proudly showing logo love has reemerged as a real trend for 2017. It started with the Resort 2017 collections with brands like Gucci, MSGM and Chanel making it clear that there’s nothing wrong with openly declaring just who you’re wearing.

The theme continued with the Spring 2017 offerings as Christian Dior brazenly printed its name on exposed straps and exposed underwear (other fashion houses like Versace opted to confine self-promotion to less revealing items). Dior kept the logo train on track by plastering its recent Pre-Fall 2017 collection with tons of personal references, from punchy ponchos to bags boasting slide-through grips emblazoned with gold lettering. And we even saw logos popping up on both the runways of the Fall 2017 menswear shows and on attendees. As per usual, select street style stars seemed to be ahead of the trend as quite a few were captured going to and from the Spring 2017 shows decked out in name-brand insignias from Gucci, Balenciaga, Supreme, Moschino and more. Celebs have also been going loco for logos in recent months. Kendall Jenner turned heads at a recent Lakers game when she showed up courtside in a Dior Addict tee. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jennifer Aniston and Dakota Johnson have all been spotted keeping their pants up with Gucci’s now infamous double G belt. And fashion insiders like Veronika Heilbrunner demonstrated how to score by transforming a classic logo-clad topper into the epitome of athleisure goals. Since logo fashion seems to be rearing its sartorial head and shows no sign of putting it back in the sand anytime soon, we’ve rounded up a list of emblem-heavy pieces to give your wardrobe a little something to say. Just remember that if you want to rock the symbols of luxury, you’re going to have to fork over a pretty penny.

Jesi Max

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