Friday, 6 January 2017

Jesi Max

This Vintage Top Is About to Replace Your Basic White T-Shirt

One thing we can't deny is the rise of Gucci. Right now, it seems like every girl is coveting one of the brand's ubiquitous items, be it the fur-lined loafers, a logo belt, or an embellished bag. But don't knock the Trophy tee, a design that hails from Alessandro Michele's latest Cruise collection.

While it was amped up on the runway with a floral pleated skirt, ornate head wrap, and British flag platforms, bloggers and influencers are taking the piece — which retails online for $590 — onto the street. The shirt is most typically paired with a leather miniskirt to achieve '80s flair, but it's proving to be so classic that ladies are 'gramming it time and time again, showing off a wide range of outfits. If we didn't know any better, we'd say the Gucci top's about to replace your standard white tee, so you best get your hands on it. Scroll to get inspired before you shop the exact style or similar but more affordable options we found online.

Jesi Max

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