Friday, 6 January 2017

Jesi Max

This Blogger Refuses to Give Up Her Style Just Because She's Pregnant

Ever since blogger and stylist Pernille Tesibaek announced her pregnancy with an adorable Boomerang, she's done everything to accentuate her growing bump, not hide it. Cozy oversize sweaters that cover the elastic waistband on her jeans?

Not for Pernille. Instead, Pernille started off her pregnancy at Fashion Week, where she paraded around in tight, printed pencil skirts and embraced the added puff in her bomber coat or the noticeable cling of her silk cami. There's a lot of fun in maternity dressing, and Pernille's constructed plenty of outfits to highlight that. Read on for a few of the tips we've gleaned from her latest looks, all of which are packed with just as much — if not more — style as before. Whether or not you're expecting, we can all benefit from a lesson in flattering different body shapes and sizes.

Jesi Max

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