Friday, 13 January 2017

Jesi Max

Kendall Jenner Calls This Her Go-To Casual Look

When you think of a poster woman for the athleisure trend, Kendall Jenner probably comes to mind. The model has championed the sporty-cool off-duty look, making a pair of leggings a wardrobe staple. And while she has styled her leggings in many different ways, at the moment, there's one uniform she considers her go-to.

Kendall shared on her website that the secret to her casual uniform is the three-piece formula of leggings, a rocker tee or crop top, and a bomber jacket, an ensemble she considers "comfortable-cool and ready to go anywhere!" Her last note: Finish off with a mini bag for a cute twist. The laid-back ensemble is perfect for whatever your weekend plans may be. So if you're looking for the way to wear your leggings now, this is it!

Jesi Max

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