Friday, 20 January 2017

Jesi Max

Four Celebrity Moms who Take Matchy-Matchy Dressing with Their Kids to the Next Level

Forget trainers—when there’s a stylist on your payroll, you know you’re truly a star. These celebrity image makers spend so much time with their clients that they’re almost like family. And in some cases they actually are! When it comes to celebrity babies/kids (hello, North and Saint West), the role of stylist is often played by Mom. Considering we style our mini-me’s and post the amateur photo shoots on Instagram, it’s hardly surprising that A-list mommies, like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, like to channel their inner Rachel Zoe, too. But like everything in Tinseltown, their version is bigger and glitzier (read: a lot more dolla dolla bills) than anything IRL. Designer labels are good, but twinning with your toddler is epic—not to mention Instagram gold.

Coco Austin loves to play matchy-matchy dress-up with her 1-year-old daughter, Chanel. This week, the 37-year-old wife of rapper/actor Ice T and her little girl hit the beach in matching polka dot swimwear while on vacation in Florida. “Beach babes…lol. Kisses to our followers,” she captioned the Instagram shot. This isn’t the first time that Austin and Baby Chanel have showcased their twinning style. Taking inspo from their “designer” names (Coco and Chanel—get it?) the mother-daughter duo has previously rocked matching sports jerseys—interlocking double C logos and all. Fittingly, she captioned the Instagram shot: “Will the real Coco please stand up!” Since becoming a mom, Kim Kardashian has taken twinning to a whole other level—one where her daughter North West is trending. The duo’s matching braids and chokers made a stellar fashion statement. But Kardashian and her little lady truly caused a flashbulb frenzy when they wore matching silver sequinned Vetements caped dresses to Kanye’s Saint Pablo concert (North’s first concert!) at Madison Square Gardens in 2016. The disco ball effect (x 2) was like a sartorial mic drop. Beyoncé has also slayed the matchy match look with daughter Blue Ivy. While on a family vacation in Paris last summer, Bey and Blue danced and blew kisses near the Eiffel Tower in double-your-pleasure floral-print frocks. Celeb moms may twin more often with their daughters than they do with their sons, but little dudes have been stylin’ and profilin’, too. Reese Witherspoon and her son Tennessee gave their best Blue Steels in matching black sunglasses on a family road trip. All that’s missing is a mini Starbucks cup.

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