Monday, 19 December 2016

Jesi Max

The Trend You Loved at Age 13 Is Officially Back

As of late, we have noticed a trend bubbling up—tube tops—that is hard to ignore. This style of top is nothing new, and right about now you are probably reflecting on your 13-year-old self wearing nothing but a tube top, jean shorts, and jelly sandals (ah, the good life). While that was no doubt a special time in your childhood, you have since matured and so has the tube top.

Street style stars and retailers are showing us that wearing a tube top on top of another shirt—button-downs, T-shirts, sweaters, you name it—is officially a thing. The best part about this styling trick is that it instantly slims down your waist, acting almost like a belt would. We recommend buying these tops in materials that air on the fitted side to get the most out of their magical powers. Ahead, shop the tube tops we think will make you look like your slimmest self, with no exercise needed.

Jesi Max

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