Saturday, 17 December 2016

Jesi Max

Karlie's Work-Life Balance

She may be one of the most successful catwalk models of our time - not to mention digital programming whizz, NYU student, and regular Vogue cover girl - but Karlie Kloss knows the importance of keeping a work-life balance. "It's more important than ever to keep a healthy balance and focus in that way. Everything is so social-media driven now. While technology has enabled so many positive things, taking a step back and being present is so important in all walks of life - not just modelling" she told us.

"I feel that as a citizen balance is important." With her striking supermodel looks and engaging attitude, it's no surprise that Kloss is in constant demand - her recent appointment as Swarovski brand ambassador and star of its Christmas campaign has ensured that you won't have failed to spot her somewhere near you this Christmas - wherever you reside: "I feel like I live in airports but the plus side is that it's so great to see the campaign in countries all over the world!" she laughed. "Plus it's a family brand that has such a legacy, which I love." For Kloss's Christmas, however, she will be back in America, surrounded by her family. "I'll probably not leave the house, or get out of my PJs, for days," she sighed. "I love to cook, and - although I'm a little healthier than the rest of the Kloss family - I love to bake and experiment in the kitchen. It's really my favourite time of year."

Jesi Max

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