Monday, 19 December 2016

Jesi Max

Fine Hair Hairstyles That’ll Help You Fake Fullness

No, this isn’t a hair story where we tell women with fine hair to sleep with braids and unravel them the next morning. Or to shampoo their limp locks several times a week to boost volume. Those solutions are temporary and may not even work. According to Matrix SoColor Stylist Nick Stenson, the key to creating the illusion of hair that’s thick and full is to get a fine hair hairstyle that keeps the length above the shoulders. “One of the biggest mistakes women with fine hair make is growing their hair out too long,” he says. “Once the hair breaks the shoulders you will be able to see through it. [It’ll] end up looking flat and piecey.”

Instead, Stenson suggests wearing layered hairstyles like the shag and pixie or a bob with an undercut to help “create a roundness.” You’ll also want to steer clear of heavy creams, pomades and oils, as these will weigh your fine strands down and make them look even more flat. “Volumizing products are your best friend,” says Stenson. The hair pro recommends working in a foam like the Matrix Total Results High Amplify Volumizing Mousse because “it will expand the cuticle without the crunchy hair effect.” The best way to maintain fullness without relying on hair products or curling irons? Stenson says after showering, roll hair into pin curls and set with pins. Let the hair air-dry and shake out for extra body. Ready for a fine hair hairstyle that suits you? Scroll down for celebrity examples of the three haircuts Stenson believes works best for your texture.

Jesi Max

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