Sunday, 15 May 2016

Jesi Max

Yes, You'll Want to Use the Word "Understated" to Describe Kim Kardashian's New Vogue Cover

Typically clad in head-to-toe designer and contoured to "perfection," Kim Kardashian isn't exactly the poster child for understated style.

But one glimpse at the reality-star-cum-fashion-force on the cover of Vogue Australia's June issue could convince you of just the opposite. Posing with barely there makeup in a collection of Yeezy pieces (what else?!), undone corsets, and a simple white palette (styled by friend and fashion influencer Christine Centenera), Kim's making a case for a less-is-more kind of beauty, though if her recent IRL appearances are any indication, this transformation may only go so far.

Either way, take a break from the glamourized Mrs. Kanye West and check out her refreshing switch-up in the pages of Vogue, out May 16.

Jesi Max

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