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'Scream' Season 2 Premiere: Everything We Know About Episode 1

"Scream" season 2 premieres next week, so here's everything we know about episode 1. Below, we'll discuss the date, cast, plot and even offer a few spoilers for what's coming to the MTV series.

1) Date And Time

The "Scream" season 2 premiere airs Monday, May 30, at 11 p.m. on MTV.

2) Plot

In terms of basic plot without major spoilers, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) returns to Lakewood after some much-needed therapy from her season 1 encounters. She reunites with her friends, Brooke (Carlson Young), Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), Noah (John Karna), Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) and Jake (Tom Madden), feeling refreshed and ready to handle the world. Of course, because this is "Scream," season 2 doesn't take long to get going. There's a new Ghostface killer on the loose, and his or her motivations are unclear.

One of the biggest teases for this season is that MTV doesn't want viewers to exclude Emma from being the villain this time around. Will she seek revenge on Audrey if she's learned her role in the events of season 1? The premiere is called "I Know What You Did Last Summer," so that's an open possibility. Those that liked season 1 should feel content with how 2016's story begins.

3) New Cast Members

While we haven't seen episode 1 ourselves, advance previews and reviews tell us that the "Scream" season 2 premiere will introduce several new characters to the cast. Among them are Gustavo (Santiago Segura), Sheriff Michael Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar), Zoe (Kiana Ledé) and teacher Karen Lang (Austin Highsmith).

Gustavo and the sheriff are season 2's new father-son duo. The boy has a dark obsession with serial killers and even manages to out-gore Lakewood's slasher geek, Noah. Zoe is a longtime friend of Emma's that's previously been described as "a driven overachiever that harbors a dark secret." As expected, Karen is essentially the stand-in for last year's teacher figure, Seth Branson. Our trailer recap contains detailed bios. There might be more character debuts, but that's what we know so far.


For those that want to know more about the juicy specifics of the premiere, we have that as well. Anyone that prefers to be surprised should stop reading now!

From what we've learned, the premiere begins with a cold open scene set in a movie theater that's a polite nod to the "Scream 2" film. From there, it doesn't take long for things to go terribly, terribly wrong. Audrey starts getting text messages from a "friend of a friend" that prove her connection to last year's murders. In addition to that, the Ghostface killer returns and manages to capture and kill one of the main "Lakewood six" cast members described above. The death drags on for the duration of episode 1, but it's ultimately satisfying.

There are also signs of relationship rifts between key characters as well. While Noah chooses to deal with his grief by discussing it, Kieran would rather come to grips with reality in silence. Brooke and Jake are reportedly finding comfort in each other, which might signal that a romance between the pair has finally been solidified. These new dynamics will cause problems from the start.

To reiterate, the "Scream" season 2 premiere comes to MTV on May 30 at 11 p.m.

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