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Jesi Max

Miss Earth Philippines bets' dream projects for Mother Earth

They may be beauty queens, but they don't mind getting their hands dirty literally for Mother Earth. Six candidates of Miss Earth Philippines 2016 were chosen by shoe company Merrell Philippines to represent its advocacy "Pretty Strong" and give the beauties a platform for their respective environmental pleas. First to talk about her advocacy was Miss Puerto Prinsesa Imelda Bautista Schweighart, who is after soil protection and organic farming.

"We are much affected because most of the vegetables have no nutrition," Schweighart, who is into organic farming, said. "So soil protection from genetically modified organism and chemically engineered seeds are needed." "Instead of putting the budget there in infrastructures, put the budget to the livelihood, and the poor educate them, shelter them and the education is towards organic farming," she said. Miss Zamboanga Bellatrix Tan and Miss Rosales, Pangasinan Shannon Rebbeca Bridgman share the same advocacy of teaching children about environmental preservation at an early age. "My environmental advocacy is for families to plant trees," said Tan. "I believe that if parents will teach the kids to plant trees, it'll be a habit for the kids to do simple things to help save our environment." Miss London Kieara Giel Gregorio is part of the "One With the Earth" campaign which aims to "teach skills, influence minds and build the future."

Explaining the campaign she said: "First is teaching skills, which is to support the ecotourism industry because this industry focuses on the two aims of conservation which are management resources and protection of the environment. Secondly we influence minds and we can do this through educating them the environmental issues.

Lastly we build the future, this is by taking actions, and immediate actions because we can't take back time in order to save ourselves, so we need immediate actions." Ecotourism through responsible traveling, meanwhile, is what Miss Laoang, Northern Samar Ellyz Santos batting for.

"Sana if we travel we don't just visit the place but also learn their cultures and traditions to protect our Mother Earth," Santos said.

She also noted that her advocacy of "think, act and save to think before we act and save as much as possible like water, planting trees for our mother earth as well."

Awareness and taking action against climate change is Miss Quezon City Jan Louise Abejero's dream project.

"I really want to use this as an opportunity to influence people," she said. "I cannot change climate change alone. It has to be a collective effort, we should not just make the people aware, but to empower them to make their own move, to help reduce greenhouse gases and emissions."

These environmental campaigns, they said, are some of the reasons why they joined the Miss Earth Philippines 2016 beauty pageant, which will happen on June 12.

So with the crown or not, these ladies will continue their aims to protect the environment.

Jesi Max

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