Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Jesi Max

Marvel 'Civil War II' #1 Preview: Whose Side Is Nick Fury

"If you knew something bad was about to happen, would you stop it? How far would you go to prevent an uncertain future? The line in the sand has been drawn, and you must decide­­ do you stand with Captain Marvel, or with Iron Man?," this is the question Marvel presents for its latest event, Civil War II.

In last week's opening issue, writer Brian Michael Bendis left out the action and packed the issue with dialogue to set up the forthcoming story. But now, thanks to Marvel's preview of the upcoming issue #1, it appears that the latest issue will be full of action.

The issue, which will be in stores in June, will include a storyline featuring Nick Fury. In the panels, we can see Maria Hill coming face-to-face with Fury. We then see Fury being held by agents as he fights them off and has his eyes set on someone else.

Fury isn't the only person who finds himself in a fight. In another panel, we see Iron Man, Nova and the All-New Captain America, Sam Wilson, fending off enemies. It's uncertain who Iron Man's team is fighting but it could be a future prediction from Ulysses.  After the battle, we also see the return of Damage Control Marvel's construction company. According to the Marvel press release, writer Chris Sims and artist Leonardo Romero will be responsible for bringing back Damage Control.

Marvel also teased future issues which will feature Jessica Jones, War Machine, Power Pack, The Punisher and more. What do you expect to happen in the next issue? Let us know in the comments below.

Jesi Max

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