Monday, 23 May 2016

Jesi Max

League of Legends Taliyah Update: Stoneweaver’s Strengths And Weaknesses Detailed

League of Legends’ Taliyah the Stoneweaver just got her Champion Spotlight which discusses her earth-based abilities. In line with her “Earth-based spells” concept, her abilities are geared toward control tools zoning and crowd control instead of strong bursts of magic damage. Here’s her official Champion Spotlight from the official League of Legends YouTube channel. Taliyah’s movesets have long been confirmed in a previous in-depth Champion Page post, but the Champion Spotlight adds more specific details about her abilities and passives. Her innate passive, Rock Surfing, will slightly persist when she’s moving away from walls, and it can be cancelled immediately when Taliyah casts a spell or takes damage.

Moreover, the spotlight shows that her abilities and ultimate deal more than straightforward damage or are not just movement tools as all her spells lean toward punishing quick enemy movement. Her spells also restrict the enemy’s movement options in a teamfight.

The Stoneweaver will be included in the Patch 6.10 or the patch after the Mid-Year Mage Update, according to Riot Scarizard on the official League of Legends website. Besides League of Legends Taliyah’s arrival, most of the reworked mages also received buffs or nerfs in the current patch. Some of the reworked mages such as Malzahar have proven strong in the update, while some were buffed to further improve their reworked in-game strengths as a follow-up to their slightly lacking reworks in the Mid-Year Mage Update. As the bonuses are more inclined toward Mages in the recent patches, Taliyah will surely benefit from the new items included in the update.

League of Legends Taliyah is the next “Control Mage” champion to follow Aurelion Sol, who was added by Riot last March. No upcoming champions have been revealed to follow her yet, but the Ryze, Yorick and Warwick champion reworks have previously been confirmed. We’ll have to wait for a teaser from Riot to see if they’ll release a new champion anytime soon.

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