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League of Legends Champion Update: Major Changes On Ryze, Yorick, and Warwick Soon

After the Mid-Year Mage Update, Riot Games has revealed a new set of old champions that will be fully reworked and implemented on a yet-to-be-revealed date. Ryze, Yorick, and Warwick will receive reworks soon. Here’s the link to the official site showing the upcoming League of Legends Champion Update.

According to Riot Product Manager Reav3, the three champions will receive visual and gameplay updates similar to the changes made on Sion, Poppy, and Taric. The three mentioned champions by Reav3 received heavy updates including a different playstyle, though some of their old concepts are still intact. Warwick and Yorick could finally have their rework concepts, and Ryze may be balanced out while his old concept is kept. We’ll have to wait for the exact release dates of these reworks; they may come out separately unlike the Mid-Year Mage update.

Ryze, the Rogue Mage, has always been a strong item-dependent character that is still quite overpowered despite receiving many balancing reworks. His skill kit revolves around rapidly casting damaging spells complemented by a passive that reduces ability cooldowns per spell cast, which makes him a strong, if not annoying Champion, to fight.

Moreover, his spells could scale on both Mana and Ability Power, which still makes him useful if he chooses to improve his mana pool first and not buy Ability Power items early. This champion has received multiple reworks which added more risk and weakness to his skill kit, but most experienced players are still able to downplay his disadvantages by playing safe and being on the defensive with his overwhelming burst damage and a health barrier that activates itself after successive spell casts.

A European League of Legends forum thread notes that the Patch 6.9 or the Mid-Year Mage Update somehow leaned toward giving more Mages some Mana, and it may entirely make Ryze even more overpowered. Perhaps his rework is not because his skill kit is bad but rather too good that it’s extremely difficult to counterplay and may colossally grow out of proportion after the recent update.

Meanwhile, Warwick and Yorick will finally have a confirmed rework after a few years since Riot has considered reworking them. Some rework ideas for Yorick’s skill kit were mentioned back in 2013, as reported by Surrender@20, while Warwick’s rework has been around since 2014, according to another report by Surrender@20. Both of these champions are still workable in the current build of the game, but as the skill level of the common player rose, their current skill kits tend to shine less in competitive setups.

Yorick, the Gravedigger, ghoul setups are often difficult to correctly stack as players are now smart enough to kite you or even ignore you if you don’t deal significant damage. His ultimate requires an ally to die in order to work, which entirely defeats a Support champion’s obligation to protect his allies. It can also only be correctly used in extremely specific situations.

Warwick still works in regular play due to his reliable health sustain, but his skill kit has long been overshadowed by other champions such as Rengar, and Kha’Zix in “hunting enemy champions down” concept. The Blood Hunter’s overall gameplay feels basic as he only has a targeted Q spell, attack speed buff on his W, toggled passive on weakened enemy champions on E and a single-target hard disrupt and damage on his Ultimate. Perhaps we’ll finally see Warwick tap more into his “Werewolf” concept  in the coming League of Legends Champion update.

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