Monday, 23 May 2016

Jesi Max

iPhone 7 Release & Specs: Wireless Charging Confirmed As Apple Hires Experts?

Just when we thought Apple was about to give the old rumor mill a rest, boy were we so wrong. Apple’s iPhone 7 is expected to launch in 2016, bringing a new design and new features. Since it announced the coming of a new iPhone, the tech world has been buzzing.

Although it will be several months before the new iPhone 7 launches, rumors about the device started trickling out in January of 2016. Now, there are rumors that the release date will be in the fall of 2016. Mac Rumors writes that the new iPhone 7 is still in the works. Also, Apple is still working on finalizing the iPhone 7’s body. There are no exact ideas as to what it will look like, but multiple rumors suggest it will be a modest update. What many expect is that i continues to use a design similar to the design of the iPhone 6s. It is said to have the same general shape as the iPhone 6s, but it may have a camera that protrudes less. Another surprising turn of events in the development of the new iPhone was reported by The Daily Mail is the collaboration, albeit hiring Chris Porritt, Tesla’s former vice president of vehicle engineer. Porritt has reportedly joined Apple to work on ‘special projects’ believed to be the firm’s electric car. The Daily Mail reports that Porritt will be joining the team as ‘special projects group PD administrator’.

Forbes also reports that there is a new team involved in the iPhone 7 project. This special group of people have been hired, according to the article, because  of their experience with wireless charging and ultrasonic technology. The same article also writes that one of the biggest complaints at the release of every new iPhone model is the battery life. There is, frankly, never enough. This is where wireless charging could make a difference and allow Apple to create a big change. Having a thin design with great battery life is certainly something that all iPhone users want.

With the wireless charging in the works, a new design team and a new special projects administrator it can be safely said that Apple has its game face on and is not going to take it off for anybody.

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