Sunday, 15 May 2016

Jesi Max

iPhone 7 release soon; To pack same iPhone 6S design?

Apple’s most awaited phone is expected to be releasing soon. Now, it is almost clear that it would not come with many major changes. According to Forbes, the latest rumors come via French site “”. The site has a reliable track record and has attained designs before their release, such as Galaxy S6, S7, Note 5, iPhone 6S and iPhone SE.

Nowhereelse has leaked schematics and dimensions of iPhone 7 that show the new smartphone would be exactly the same size as iPhone 6. iPhone 7 will indeed retain a virtually identical design to both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. It claims the new handset is 2.6 inches wide, a fraction more than the 6S and 5.4inches in length. While not mentioned on the drawings of the handset, according to nowhereelse, the new iPhone would be 0.28 thick.

Another news has surfaced about the leaked image of a dummy on MacRumors, which also supports earlier predictions of the design. Although there are no antenna bands in the dummy design, the basic shape and size is identical to the iPhone 6. So, it is quite clear that the look of iPhone 7 is quite unchanged. Except that 3.5mm earphone jack is absent as predicted earlier.

There were rumors that “iPhone 7 Pro” will have dual camera. However, both the dummy and schematics show that it will not. In an another image, Forbes has explained that the cut out space for camera on iphone 7 is quite larger than its predecessor. Forbes said that it is indication that the pro model will get some optical enhancement.

“Apple is famously reluctant to increase the megapixels of its iPhone cameras and given rivals are also returning to 12MP a bump here seems unlikely. Instead the extra space would allow for a module with larger individual pixels and a faster aperture. The former would enable Apple to catch up lost ground on Samsung with better low light performance, while the latter would capture images more quickly therefore reducing blur,” Forbes stated.

It is still uncertain what else change would be seen. The question remains same, would this phone be as special as promised by the Apple officials?

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