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Five Nights At Freddy’s World Update 2: All Changes And Additions By Scott Cawthon

The Five Nights at Freddy’s World Update 2 has finally been released. Unlike usual  DLCs, FNaF World Update 2 needs to be downloaded from the Game Jolt site. Don’t worry about your progress as the save files from the previous Update 1 playthroughs will be carried over once you run the “Update 2” version of the game. Here’s what we know so far about this recent update.

When checking the Five Nights At Freddy’s World Update 2’s party roster menu, you can actually see the previously teased characters in the game. Jack O’Bonnie, Jack O’ Chica, the “Scott Cawthon” boss Animdude, regular Mr. Chipper, Nightmare BB, Nightmarionne, Coffee, and Purple Guy are now recruitable in update 2. As for their moves, Reddit User mrtacos87 has posted a thread which states that these new characters are grinded up to level 101. The thread also includes their moves in the shots.

As seen on itsmellslikehonor’s video, a new, darker map with pixel foes can now be accessed in Update 2. Other than just having your visibility reduced in this map, this is the area where you’ll have to face Chica’s Magic Rainbow in her mini-game. If you find the mini-game too difficult, you can skip it and build up the cheat code instead. You’ll meet the “Purple Geist” monster, but it will soon be replaced by Chica’s Magic Rainbow after a few turns. Defeat her and you’ll be shown the Baby Ending.

The “Baby” ending seemingly links FNaF World to the Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location animatronic “Baby.” As seen in the  death of the Baby’s inventor in the ending, it’s possible that the Sister Location animatronics aren’t exempted from the murderous nature of the other animatronics of previous Five Nights at Freddy’s entries.

The mini-game is difficult, as the controllable Chica will die in one hit and will have to work with its limited mobility options through an obstacle course. Chica’s Magic Rainbow will lose patience with each death and will eject you from the mini-game herself if you die too many times. The rainbow will also start being aggressive as you get closer to the finish line. 

Alternatively, you can immediately annoy Chica’s Magic Rainbow by turning off the “Voices” setting in the game and trigger off to attempt ejecting you from the mini-game as early s possible. Despite its punishing difficulty, this mini-game can still be cleared, as shown in the video by DJ Sterf.

For now, since the update is not even a week old, fans are still busy uncovering the game’s secrets. We’ll update you if fans find new content in the Five Nights at Freddy’s World Update 2.

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