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Jesi Max

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Spoilers: Will Everyone Make It To Mexico?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 shares the same themes with its mother series, such as finding a safe sanctuary, a home. The only huge difference is that Fear explored on how the zombie apocalypse would be like on a boat a luxury yacht at that and what it would be like out in the ocean.

We already learned that it is indeed no safer on water than it is on land. However, our group on board Abigail were quite successful in their mission to rescue Travis and Alicia from Connor’s crew in episode 5. We’re starting to see Rick from the original series in Madison, whose character seems to be the most capable one to lead the group supported by her husband, Travis. It was a relief to see both Alicia and Travis survive after being held captive by the pirates. And now they have a new mission, which is to go to Mexico as it was revealed that Victor Strand’s real destination was Baja and not San Diego.

Spoilers for episode 6 titled, “Sicut Cervus,” reveal that not everyone will make it to Mexico. Will we see a character or even two characters die in the next episode? We heard from Strand’s friend, Luis, that he only has tickets for two people for passage into the mysterious safe zone in Mexico where Strand’s partner, Tom, has been waiting. Will the group encounter problems on the way?

In the preview for the next episode, Madison and the rest of the group had to hide in the yacht as Strand and Luis appear to negotiate their passage into Baja. While the group was hiding, a gunshot was fired then the shattering of glass, and it is possible that someone might have been shot or killed.

Design & Trend reports that two key characters will die in episode 6. Will the group reach Baja? Is it really safe there as Strand claims? Will Tom be there waiting for him when and IF they arrive?

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