Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Jesi Max

'Clash Of Clans' May Update Released: Friendly Challenges, New Troops, Spells And More!

"Clash Of Clans'" May update has been released, and it brings Friendly Challenges, new spells and new troops to the game. All of the big changes are recapped below!

The full list of revisions comes to Design & Trend via the official changelog on the "Clash Of Clans" forums.

The headlining feature of the May update is a new option called Friendly Challenges. In few words, the mode acts as a way for clanmates to practice against one another without penalty. In the existing clan chat interface, there's a new challenge button that can be used to issue a skirmish. Once posted, any clan member can see the request and begin combat. In order to ensure that the sanctity of skillful Clan Wars is protected, layouts that were modified in the last 24 hours will not be accessible to players at Town Hall 9 or above. In addition to that, the Preparation Day of Clan Wars will only reveal active Village setups as opposed to War Bases.

Spells are also a major focus as well. The Town Hall 9 Skeleton spell allows swarms of Skeletons to spawn to help with cleanup and diversions. At Town Hall 10, the brand new Clone spell is true to its name. It generates momentary holographic reinforcements of any troops spawned within its radius.

As any "Clash Of Clans" monthly update release must, this one even introduces a few new troops. Straight from "Clash Royale" enter the Miner and Baby Dragon. At Town Hall 9, the Baby Dragon offers a unique mode of combat with a speed and attack buff when not in a group. The Town Hall 10 Miner is able to bury itself underground to be temporarily impervious to attacks. Once it breaks into a base, it can go anywhere on the map!

Lastly, a series of quality of life improvements balances the May update's new features. Existing troops, like the Cannon, Lava Hound, Balloon and Spring Traps, all get new levels. The Bowler also takes up less space on the battlefield. Expanded Edit Mode tools, gestures and troop donation abilities are included in the patch too.

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