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'Assassin's Creed' Movie EP Reveals Ubisoft's Role

"Assassin's Creed" movie EP Pat Crowley recently discussed Ubisoft's role in the 2016 film and even hinted at a third entry to the series. A recap of the man's statements can be found below!

While 20th Century Fox was given quite a bit of wiggle room to adapt "Assassin's Creed" for the big screen, Crowley mentioned that Ubisoft essentially acted in the role of franchise historian throughout the entire process. When the project first began, studio reps sent a 300-page encyclopedia to make sure that everything was recreated faithfully.

In Pat's words, it "analyzes each character, his behavior, his mind, what he/she did. It also contains a section dedicated to the laws of the game world, which are explained in detail, such as the maximum percentage of life of your ancestors that you are capable of living or the fact that, when you return to the past, you cannot change anything." In addition to these explicit notes, a team of "ambassadors" was hired to help as well. Referenced by Ubisoft, the group was mostly comprised of superfans that are well respected within the "Assassin's Creed" community. Crowley said that these folks "know the games by heart."

The first "Assassin's Creed" movie doesn't hit theaters until December, but it was also admitted that multiple sequels are already in the works. Because some of the film's key actors are already contracted for several appearances, Crowley joked that the idea of a follow up "isn't a secret at all." "There are very strong ideas about the second episode on which we have already started working," he revealed, "but we also have a few rough ideas for the third part."

That third entry is likely to be many years away, however. "Assassin's Creed" star Michael Fassbender has confirmed that the second chapter is scheduled to release in 2019. Along that same trajectory, the mentioned rough sketch may not be a reality until 2021 or beyond.

What do you think of Ubisoft's involvement with the "Assassin's Creed" movie? Is Hollywood too bullish in assuming that audiences are going to want multiple sequels? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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