Sunday, 15 May 2016

Jesi Max

48 Hours in the Life of a Fashion Editor Who Went to Barcelona Bridal Week

When I touched down in Barcelona for Bridal Week, I didn't know what was ahead of me. I had my itinerary a daily stack of plans that included touring the Pronovias Atelier and grabbing dinner with the rest of the editors on the trip but I was pretty clueless.

Was Barcelona Bridal Week sort of like Fashion Week? Was there one central spot where designers debuted their shows? Where was the paella? (Because all I had on the eight-hour flight was a sad chicken dinner box that smelled of cheese.)

A quick 30-minute ride to the Gallery Hotel sparked me back to excitement. I wanted to go everywhere. I wanted to play tourist and take in all the landmarks. I wanted to eat all the food, but I also wanted to learn about Pronovias, the well-known company from Barcelona making it big in America. In fact, right before I left on the trip, my newly engaged BFF sent me screenshots of her favorite gowns by the label. "FIND ME A DRESS," she instructed. Well, now I was on a mission, too.

The best way to show you what happened next is through the handful of Instagrams I uploaded during my stay. You're about to learn what it takes to make a couture gown with lace appliqué; see the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, where Pronovias hosted 2,000 clients for its Atelier show; and hear about all the It models who walked the runway, from Irina Shayk to Cindy Bruna. Read on for 48 hours in the life of a fashion editor taking on Barcelona Bridal Week like an overly excited kid in a candy store.

Jesi Max

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