Sunday, 10 April 2016

Jesi Max

Yahoo email accounts down for some users for hours

A large number of users claim they have not been able to access their Yahoo email accounts for most of Saturday. The reports of problems appear to have begun early Saturday morning, with no public announcement regarding the status of its email service from Yahoo as of this writing.

However, many other users report no problem accessing their Yahoo email accounts. Upon further examination, it appears that a large number of Yahoo email users being locked out are located in the UK.   @yahoomail has been down for 14 hours with 1000s of reports & not a peep out of @YahooCare. @SparkNZ any word?

 Alastair Thompson (@althecat) April 9, 2016

Yahoo mail still not working @yahoomail #yahoomaildown #yahoomail

 lianne cotton (@lianne63) April 9, 2016

 @Yahoo any statement or support about the email server being down for the past 12 hours? Yahoo is the worst email server to ever exist.

Jess Killeen (@Jkilla195) April 9, 2016

A visit to DownRightNow, a site that monitors the status of various major online services, displays a message that reads "Likely service disruption."

Yahoo's Customer Care Twitter hasn't been deluged with user complaints, but a few Reddit threads have cropped up discussing the issue, with few users able to come up with any answers.

Although no security breach has been reported, such incidents are not uncommon. Back in 2014, the company faced a serious security breach that involved hackers changing Yahoo email user passwords.

Whatever the issue is, it couldn't have come at a worse time, as Yahoo is currently going through a very public sale process after years of internal tumult and strategy shifts.

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