Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Jesi Max

'No Man's Sky' Dev Has No DLC Plans, Reveals Alien Dialogue System And Secret Puzzles

"No Man's Sky" finally has a release date, so its developers are starting to lift the curtain on the game's complex systems. New previews reveal Hello Games' DLC plans, an alien dialogue system and secret puzzles on each planet. The news comes to Design & Trend via PC Gamer's U.S. and U.K sources. Combining reports from both outlets makes the vision of "No Man's Sky's" expansive universe much clearer. The small group of coders behind this space exploration adventure has shocked and delighted onlookers for years, so, in some ways, Hello Games' stance on DLC isn't all that surprising. Sources now tell us that Sean Murray and his crew currently have no plans to rejuvenate "No Man's Sky" with traditional content drops. In the man's own words, "This is definitely a game for updates. And actually, content-wise, DLC is less applicable." He then referred to its post-release trajectory as "a constantly iterated and growing feature set." In other words, it seems like "No Man's Sky" will be mostly supported by small, free feature additions as opposed to traditional content packs. Equally unique to the growing nature of the product is "No Man's Sky's" limitless universe. At a recent press event, one journalist described an encounter with an alien life form in deep space. "I have no idea what this thing is saying, but I can still attempt to communicate," they said. To converse, players are essentially given sign language options.

This time, the explorer chose to assert dominance over the creature. It responded by shocking them with a cattle prod. With that in mind, NPCs can sometimes become an unlikely source of danger. The same is true with regard to planet environments. The sourced hands-on impression described landing on a planet with a toxic atmosphere. It was reportedly full of "bizarre, colorful plants" that proved useful for resource collection. In a game so heavily governed by procedural generation, it's nearly impossible to know what to expect. Just like "No Man's Sky's" 18 quintillion planets, the designs of its ships, weapons, NPCs, animals and sounds are dictated by a single algorithm. Of course, that's not to say that its only hook is to survive the realities of the harsh unknown. Some planets have more logical elements to them. The best resources, for example, may be surrounded by deadly creatures, forcing an evasion strategy. In one instance, the preview mentioned a number puzzle found inside an observatory. When solved, it revealed the location of a hidden secret. Above all, Murray's goal in designing "No Man's Sky" was to litter each planet with sources of satisfaction and progress. Should that standard be met, no galactic rock is without some special story to tell. "No Man's Sky" comes to PS4 and PC on June 21. Do you think "No Man's Sky" should support traditional DLC? What puzzles do you want to see? Tell us in the poll and comments section!

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