Wednesday, 16 March 2016

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How Ariana Grande Slayed SNL

Just a day after she released her new single off of her new album, Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande had her first Saturday Night Live as a host and guest performer. We got a brief glimpse of the 22-year-old singer’s impersonation skills on the The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last year, and on Saturday, Grande blew us all away by showing off her vocal and comedic range.

At the top of Saturday Night Live, Ariana Grande did a funnier impression than Jay Pharoah in a sketch. Yet that’s exactly what happened during the night’s “Celebrity Family Feud,” sketch, an all-too-familiar excuse largely for the cast to strut out a host of impersonations. But it was Grande’s shockingly good Jennifer Lawrence, complete with deeper voice and, as Kenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey called it, “annoyingly relatable” behavior, Grande proved she could hold her own amongst the SNL players.

Tidal is breaking down, and the future of the streaming service is in the hands of intern (a meek Grande) to impersonate the service’s biggest artists. SNL first trumpeted out this sketch with Bruno Mars saving Pandora (which remains one of the great yet unwatchable sketches of the last few years because of those pesky copyright laws). So while the idea is not a fresh one, Grande makes it work with a host of spot-on impressions. From her Britney Spears to her Celine Dion to her unexpected Shakira, nearly all of her covers are fun riffs on familiar voices (though the punchline to her Rihanna bit works better than her actual performance). When she was prompted to perform an Ariana Grande track, the singer declines and cheekily replies: “I’ve never really been a big fan.” Nothing new, but still decidedly fun.

In an interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Tuesday (March 16), Grande discussed her Saturday Night Live experience, pulling double-duty as host and musical guest.

"I had the most fun in my whole entire life," she shared. "It was really fun. It was one of the most exhausting and overwhelming weeks of my life, but every single moment was so much fun and I had the best time.”

When asked if celebs are insulted by her dead-on impressions, Grande shared that they took it in the fun spirit it was intended. "No, no, no! When I met Celine she told me, she was like, ‘When I saw you, I peed!'"

And Grande insisted her skills aren't the result of hardcore studying.

"No I'm just a big fan! I'm a really big fan," she told Duran. "I think that's why they don't get mad because they know that I come from a place of love and I'm just like, 'You're f---ing amazing!'"

Grande's interview comes as anticipation amps up for her album, due May 20.
"Fifteen songs," she said of her third studio release. "I think there will be a couple of different versions of the album where you can get a couple of deluxe tracks as well. But I'm really, really excited. We were just jamming to it in the car."

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