Thursday, 10 March 2016

Jesi Max

A Whole New Hairstyle for Zayn Malik

One time boybander Zayn Malik ditched his pink tips just a few weeks ago, and now, he's ditched a significant chunk of his hair, too.

Revealing more hair makeovers than girlfriend Gigi Hadid during fashion week, Zayn was spotted in Manchester, England, filming for his next music video when we noticed the new faded sides style.

His new haircut looks so cool and trendy — the shaved sides really accentuate his chiseled face and make his whole look a little bit more edgy. The video for his new song Pillowtalk features graffiti and a car on fire — quite the departure from a “boy band” music video!

Besides from his new hairstyle, rumors still has it on Zayn. It was a question if Zayn Malik steal music from his former group and his ex-girlfriend. While his newest song, ‘Like I Would,’ is amazing, it sounds an awful lot like a couple of One Direction and Little Mix songs.

Unlike Zayn’s two previously released songs, “Pillowtalk” and “It’s You,” “Like I Would” is a super dancey track with an upbeat tempo. But while “Like I Would” shows us a different side of Zayn’s solo material, this new poppy side also totally has hints of Little Mix and One Direction. Even some of the lyrics are a mashup of Little Mix’s “Love Me Like You” and 1D’s “I Would”!

Also, the lyrics on the song definitely hint that they’re about an ex-girlfriend. Perrie, perhaps?

But then, Zayn admitted that the song was really for her gf Gigi Hadid. "He won't love you like I would," he boasts, and if your definition of love involves a killer serenade, he's probably right. He was certainly inspired by the model according to his tweet saying "saw your face and got inspired" and posted a picture of Gigi Hadid.

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