Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Jesi Max

Rihanna Works Her Carribean Style In New Music Video

As they say in the Caribbean, pop’s baddest is yet again on her “worst behavior,” and she couldn’t be chicer! In the newly released video for her song “Work,” Rihanna transforms from cheeky pop star into a scintillating and exuberant dancehall queen. Partying with a crew of 420-friendly clubgoers, including Drake and her best friends Melissa Forde and Jen Rosales, the Barbados native sports Tommy Hilfiger’s barely there, Rastafarian-inspired mesh maxi dress with a multicolored crocheted bikini peeking out from under it. It’s a look made for late-night moves: grinding, jerking, and popping her enviable curves. At one point Rih pauses briefly to admire her own mirror reflection as she slithers across the dance floor on her knees in gilded high-heel sandals. To quote her Caribbean counterparts again: Bad Gyal RiRi a whine out!

A Toronto restaurant is getting international attention after being prominently featured in "Work" with Drake -- a film shoot the co-owner admits he was initially reluctant to agree to. Edward Pottinger, who co-owns the Caribbean eatery the Real Jerk with wife Lilly, says the video's creators called him about two weeks ago on a Monday asking if they could shoot there for about 24 hours on the Friday of that same week.The Real Jerk sign is featured in the very first frame of the video as Rihanna, clad in a pink fur coat, gets out of a slick car along with Drake. The song's pulsating beats slowly kick in as they strut into the Real Jerk, where Rihanna and Drake join a smoky dancehall party. The video features shots of food from the restaurant and Lilly makes an appearance flipping jerk chicken and dancing in the kitchen.

Then comes the second segment, when we see Rihanna at her baddest best. Drenched in neon pink lighting, she and Drake suddenly have a little more privacy in a secluded private living room. Matching the stripped-down mood of the setting, Rih has slipped into a braless tank top and a jaggedly cut denim mini, beguiling her tracksuited paramour. With each flip of her waist-length hair, the two get closer, ending the song in an intimate embrace. The two-sided GIF-able video is not only a striking reminder of the singer’s multilayered chameleonic style, but that her just-released eighth album, Anti, is a production of dualities: raw sexuality and fun coupled with forlorn and longing. No matter which side you gravitate toward, Rihanna is still starting the most fashion-forward party in town.

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