Monday, 11 January 2016

Jesi Max

Pauleen Luna Irritated At Abs-Cbn For Revealing Her Wedding Details

The public knows that Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto wants to have their upcoming wedding with exclusivity and privacy only for the people who are invited such as their close friends and relatives.

This is the reason why whenever they were asked about certain details of the wedding they would often answer saying that they will be announcing it in God's perfect time.  But recently the soon-to-be Mrs. Sotto showed her dismay by posting a sarcastic message towards ABS-CBN on Facebook that has been deleted now for uncertain reasons.

On the message Pauleen said, “Dearest ABS-CBN, Thank you SO much for revealing all the details about our wedding. Thank you So much for mentioning even the date and the venue. Thank you because now we’re finally going to achieve the exclusivity that we want! And last but not the least, thank you SO much for asking if it’s okay to report about it. God Bless!”

Now, based on the reports. Many claim that the information was given to them by her own manager Lolit Solis.

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