Friday, 15 January 2016

Jesi Max

Mr. Robot creator teases Season 2 'There will be a lot more backstory

Don't expect any gotcha! moments in season 2 of Mr. Robot. Sam Esmail, creator of USA's Golden Globe-winning hacker thriller, told reporters Thursday at the network's Television Critics Association that he is not interested in "trying to shock or surprise the audience."

Not that you'd know that from watching Season 1. The show follows Elliot (Golden Globe-nominatd Rami Malek), an emotionally and psychologically troubled cybersecurity expert, after the head of a secret society Christian Slater's enigmatic Mr. Robot approaches him for help in bringing down a massive company. Season 2, expected to start this summer, will take place 30 days after the first season ended. m"The whole show has been about Elliot's emotional journey and I really wanted the focus on that," Esmail said. "For me, the headline for season two is ... how Elliot reconciles with the fact that he’s seeing this fantasy; that’s the struggle that will take over in Season 2." When asked whether there were any other things that weren't real in Season 1, he simply said "yes," to the surprise of cast members and reporters in the room. "Do we know?" Malek asked. "No," Esmail responded. Esmail, who said he will direct all 10 episodes of Season 2, said the writers room is going to delve deeper into the characters' lives. They are nearly finished writing the sophomore season. "There will be a lot more backstory that will be shown," he said. Delving deeper into Elliot's psyche is already giving Malek anxiety. Slater added that being on a show has made him a lot more aware of cybersecurity. "My new password is Golden Globe," he joked. Throughout the panel, the cast and crew were still still elated over their Golden Globes win. The show won Best Drama Series and Slater took home a statuette for Best Actor, Drama Series. "It's like, wow, so that wasn't a dream, that actually happened," Slater said. "The highlight of the night for me was when I went to a party, I saw Harrison Ford ... and he proceeded to pretty much smooch the heck out of my face."

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