Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Jesi Max

Indie Band The Black Skirts Join Hyukoh & Code Kunst At YG Entertainment Sub-Label HIGHGRND

The indie side of YG Entertainment is growing. On Jan. 7, indie sub-label HIGHGRND announced that the indie one-man band The Black Skirts had formally joined the agency. The Black Skirts, or Bryan Cho, will release his first album under HIGHGRND at the end of the month.

(Photo : HIGHGRND) 

The Black Skirts joins Hyukoh and Code Kunst at HIGHGRND, the indie sub-label of YG Entertainment that was announced in 2014. Since 2008, The Black Skirts has produced a variety of popular songs. The album "201," released in 2008, was named the Best Modern Rock Album of the year at the 7th Korean Pop Music Awards. HIGHGRND is the president of the subsidiary company. The sub-label was introduced last March, and Hyukoh was the first artist signed with the label. The Black Skirts is the first artist to join the agency in 2016, and the third act to join the growing indie label's roster. The Black Skirts's Cho serves as the band's vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, and bassist. The first The Black Skirts song produced by HIGHGRND will be released on Jan. 29.

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