Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Jesi Max

HTC Vive pre-orders open Feb. 29; VR headset ships in April

Oculus fired 2016's first shot for virtual reality. Now it's HTC's turn. Pre-orders for the HTC Vive will open on Feb. 29, with orders shipping sometime in April. There's no pricing yet, but HTC confirms that additional details including price, release date and the final look of the consumer kit will be shared closer to the pre-order date.

The Vive represents the highest tier of first-generation VR experiences, with wall-mounted sensors and motion-sensing hand paddles plunging users into virtual spaces that occupy an entire room. While Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and Gear VR all focus on sit-down content, the Vive encourages you to stand up and move. What we don't know is how much computer you'll need to throw at a Vive. HTC has yet to share any minimum/recommended specs for the VR rig, but it should be similar to and perhaps exceed what's needed for Oculus. Setup is another lingering question. It's not clear how dangling cords factor into any Vive content that spans an entire room. Pre-release previews always feature a "handler" that hovers behind the headset-wearer and shifts cords as they move. There should be a better sense soon of the types of games (and other experiences) coming to Vive at launch. HTC told The Verge that content revelations should be coming later in January at a showcase hosted by Valve, which co-created the Vive. We at least have a ballpark sense of the price now. Oculus launches at $599, and smart speculation puts the Vive at a higher price point. It's got more pieces in the box, including room sensors and hand controllers, so something well north of $600 is likely.

Jesi Max

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