Wednesday, 13 January 2016

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Dream Star Entertainment Looks Into Legal Action After Tahiti Member Ji Soo Exposes Indecent Proposal From 'Sponsor'

One K-pop girl group member is taking matters into her own hands. On Monday, Tahiti member Shin Ji Soo uploaded a series of scandalous text messages to her Instagram account that appear to reveal a "sponsor" offer from an older man.

Tahiti's agency, Dream Star Entertainment, says they will investigate the matter and bring the man in question to justice for his lewd behavior. The messages are allegedly from a man who calls himself a "middleman" and who tries to set up an arrangement between the pop star and his client, a man who is willing to pay Ji Soo for regular dates with him. In the message, the middleman tries to persuade Ji Soo to meet with the other man on a regular basis in exchange for 2 million KRW (approximately $1,600 USD) per "date." Ji Soo said that she repeatedly ignored the messages, but the guy continues to push the deal, and even negotiated for 1 million KRW ($830 USD) "normal dates" that would include "shopping and having dinner together." After making the offer public through Instagram, Ji Soo vented her frustrations to her followers. "Please do not send these types of messages to me. I feel highly offended," Ji Soo wrote. Fans has showed their concern for the young star and warned the man in question because Ji Soo's father is a detective. "Her father's a detective" and "Whoever that broker is, he's in trouble now... her father's a detective," were among the comments left by fans, as translated by Netizenbuzz. Reps from Dream Star Entertainment said the company will officially petition the Cyber Crime Investigation unit in order to investigate potential charges. Meanwhile, the Tahiti members are currently in Japan holding various promotional activities there.

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