Sunday, 3 January 2016

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Chris Brown Accused Of Punching Woman In The Face In Vegas Hotel

A very disturbing report alleges that Chris Brown punched a female fan in the face after she took a photo of the singer without his permission. The alleged incident happened in Las Vegas, and is currently being investigated. Click to see the pic of the alleged victim’s injury. Chris Brown, 26, is being accused of punching a female fan, Liziane Gutierrez (printed with her permission) in the right eye on Saturday, January 2, after she allegedly snuck her phone into his private party at the Palms hotel in Las Vegas.

After allegedly getting the phone past security, she apparently took a photo of the singer, and he reportedly became enraged and struck the woman. Check out the photo of Liziane’s alleged injury from Chris now. Liziane sent a picture of her injuries on January 2, which included bruises around her right eye, as well as swelling. She alleges that the injuries were caused by Chris punching her directly in the eye after he reportedly caught her taking photos of him and the party at his private event. Chris allegedly yelled at her, as well. Liziane reportedly left the party and called the police a few hours later. When police responded, they assessed the situation and did not take her to the hospital. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department PIO Officer Jesse Roybal told, “We are investigating a report of a battery involving Chris Brown.” Officer Roybal could not provide any more details on the matter, but said that a police report would be coming. If this incident is true, this is a major departure from the reformed Chris we’ve come to see lately. Though Chris is now known as a family man, who’s revamped his life to dedicate himself to raising his daughter, Royalty, there was the famous incident in 2009 that once defined him. Before the Grammy awards, Chris brutally beat then-girlfriend Rihanna. Since then, he attended anger management courses, and has made peace with Rihanna.

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