Thursday, 14 January 2016

Jesi Max

Block B Have A Comeback Party In 10 Asia

Block B had an an energetic party in the January issue of 10 Asia. The playful group celebrated their upcoming 2016 comeback with confetti and balloons. Their funky wardrobe included colorful fur coats, puffy sweaters and retro suits by brands like Kye.

During the interview, leader Zico talked about how he deals with critique. He revealed, "There are still some stereotypes. In the past, I thought, 'People don't think of me as a musician. I will beat that stereotype.' But I don't have such ambition now. Some people think I am an idol, but others think I am a musician or producer." He continued, "In the end, all of the various perspectives make my identity. When some people belittle me, I get more stimulated. Conflicts occur within me, so I can grow [as an artist]. I don't have to be stuck being one thing because I will continuously change." When asked what fuels his creativity, he responded, "If it came from 'curiosity' in the past, now it comes from a 'desire.' I have so many songs that I want to show to the people...I want to show I am not limited to a certain genre, but can do various kinds of music."

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