Sunday, 3 January 2016

Jesi Max

18 Years After Debut, Rain Puts All His 'Heart And Effort' Into Upcoming Album

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) looked ready to make a comeback in the January issue of Singles. The actor-singer became the cover man for the new year while modeling casual knitwear. In the magazine's official website, the pictorial was introduced as follows: Do you know this man? Rain debuted 18 years ago and was the first 21st Century Korean World Star. You have to think you know this man.

(Photo : Singles)

Probably, you will be surprised after reading this interview. During the interview, Rain talked about his upcoming 2016 album. "The album that is coming out soon is completely for my Korean fans," he explained. "I personally did all the producing and I put all my heart and effort into the album, as if it were my debut." Rain also talked about the stress of making a comeback after becoming an international star. He continued, "The public's high standards and their growing expectations make it impossible for me to just do anything. The public's eyes are as sharp as a knife's." When asked to name what he couldn't live without, he revealed, "Except for my family, I could throw away everything I have right now and even start anew with a part-time job. I'm the happiest when I have my people. In the end, that is who I am." To read the rest of the interview, remember to pick up the latest issue of Singles!

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