Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Jesi Max

Pudding To Help Sanji And The Others In One Piece Chapter 875

One Piece chapter 875, rumor is that Nami is going to somehow make Zeus join their side through which the Sanji Retrieval Team will escape easily. On the other hand, Lady Pudding is going to betray Big Mom once again as she is currently convincing Chiffon to help her make the cake so she can save Sanji and his friends. Whatever the case is, the next chapter of One Piece is definitely going to be an interesting one.


King Baum has been charred and his fiancé stands over him crying.
Prometheus: “Zeus you fool, why did you go off on your own”
Zeus: “Sorry mama, I didn’t mean to”
Bigmom:” I will deal with you later, but first where is my weeeeeeeedding caaaaaaaake”.
Scene shifts towards the straw hats
Luffy: “No King Baum is dead
Nami: “How terrible…?” (Cries)
Sanji: “Luffy we need to get on board the Sunny now”.
Jimbei: “I agree with Sanji-san, we need to get away from Bigmom”
Luffy:” No! We can’t outrun her here in this forest, we need to counter attack”.
Sanji:” Better to go down fighting, eh Captain”
Jimbei: “Agreed”
Suddenly Pudding comes flying on Rabian with a large cake.
Pudding: “Mamaaaaaa!…Open Wide!”.
Pudding flings the cake into Big Mom’s mouth.
Bigmom: “Delicious!”
Big Mom falls asleep after she eats the cake. The control over the homies in the seducing woods is lifted and they stop pursuing the straw hats. A path to the sunny is then seen. Prometheus, Zeus and Napoleon also fall asleep.
Luffy: “I can see the sunny”
Nami: “Let’s go…. but wait?”
Scene shifts to Sanji and Pudding
Sanji: “Pudding you helped us?”
Pudding: “I couldn’t bear to see Mama kill you, I…I...I...”
Sanji: “Pudding-Chan, Thank You”
Pudding starts to cry.
Sanji:” Come with us”
Pudding:” No I belong here, I can’t leave my home, but I will surely see you again”
SanjI: “Of course”
The strawhats run towards the Sunny but stop short immediately before it. Standing on the deck is Daifuku and Brulee along with a multitude of different chess soldiers, whilst Katakuri is standing on the mast.
Luffy: “Seems like we have to fight our way through”
Sanji: “Leave the Genieman to me, he hit Pudding-chan and it’s time he learnt some table manners”.
Katakuri faces off against Luffy and Sanji faces off against Daifuku. Jimbei, Pedro, Carrot and Nami face off against the 10 thousand chess soldiers Brulee brings through the mirror.
Luffy : Gear 4th Bounce Man
Sanji: “Diable Jambe: Iron Chef”.
Luffy activates Gear 4th and Sanji shows us a new mode where he activates haki on his legs along with the Diable Jambe which turns the flames blue.
Katakuri: “It’s no use, I will have your head Straw hat. You and the rest of your crew”.
Luffy:” I won’t let you lay a hand on my friends!”.
But before the fight starts, more of the Big Mom pirates flood in along with Smoothie and the veterans. But then Germa’s ships come charging in firing cannons. Judge and the rest of the Vinsmokes are seen, but something is off about Judge, it looks like he is wearing a skeleton mask.
The Generalissimo’s true form.
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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Jesi Max

The Under-$80 Bikini Top Bella Hadid Wore Three Times This Week

It’s no secret Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are living their best lives on vacation in Greece right now. From frolicking in the ocean (fully clothed) to relaxing on luxury boat rides, it’s hard not to be envious of their summer getaway activities. While both models packed several covetable vacation looks, today we’re focusing on Bella’s bikini of choice.

Hadid introduced us to perhaps one of our favorite new bikini brands that’s surprisingly affordable. Meet Fae Swim, the Bali-based brand that offers a variety of bikini silhouettes and has earned serious approval from the youngest Hadid sister. Over the past three days, the model has worn three different styles from the brand, and we’re about to purchase one of each thanks to the budget-friendly price point.
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Jesi Max

How Celebrities Wear Cool "Dad Hats" on the Weekend

Sometimes a fashion girl's favorite piece isn't off the runways (or even off the rack) but an often-overlooked, everyday basic. This one especially can serve up surprisingly refreshing results when juxtaposed against an otherwise fashion-forward ensemble. Quotidian basics like plain white T-shirts, old-school sweatshirts, and even sneakers previously reserved for gym class have all been tapped by the fashion set for a statement-making revival.

One such item has been particularly popular—and polarizing—to top off just about any ensemble: the dad hat. For the past couple of years, cool dad hats have made their way into the hands (and onto the heads) of the fashion world's best dressed—from street style stars to our favorite celebrities. For a variety of fashion-girl outfit formulas—whether paired with laid-back athleisure ensembles or finishing off more elevated looks—the dad hat has proven its versatility and staying power.
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Jesi Max

The One Outfit Every Celebrity Wears to Work Out

It’s pretty common to see snaps of celebrities leaving their boxing or barre classes. And all of these photos made us realize something interesting—there’s one go-to outfit every celeb wears to work out. The popular look involves a crop top and a pair of leggings. Everyone from Kendall Jenner to Rita Ora is a fan of the gym look, and by studying their outfits, we learned a few simple tricks to pulling it off. First, they all opt for high-waisted leggings.

The style cuts at the smallest part of the waist and is a universally flattering fit. Next, play with your outerwear. Gigi Hadid is a fan of the bomber jacket while Bella has worn a draped version. Layering these on top of the workout look instantly makes it ready for the street. Want to see how celebs are wearing their crop top–and-legging outfits?
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Jesi Max

The Flattering Outfit Trick to Try With Leggings

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I leave the gym, I'm sweaty, my face is red, but what I'm wearing remains my single saving grace. I'm partial to sleek black leggings and oversize tees, but fashionable celebs have turned me onto a flattering trick, tying my T-shirt up to reveal the slightest sliver of skin between my high-waisted bottoms and a slouchy top. Instantly, my outfit feels a bit more purposeful, fashion-forward, and—oh yeah—flattering. Together, the gathered tee and leggings create a flattering hourglass while the crop highlights the narrowest part of the waist.

While usually, I might hesitate to wear something both fitted and skin-baring while casually out and about, the look flatters without ever feeling too flashy. While we all have our own journeys to body acceptance or feeling comfortable in our own skin, I find that working out (no matter the reason) is an instant confidence booster. Blame it on the endorphins, but feeling strong and proud of what my body is able to do seems to overpower whatever insecurities I may have from time to time. But even if you're not coming from yoga class or a visit to the Spin studio, this two-second trick should hold a spot in your arsenal. Celebs pull out the simple athleisure look while running off-duty errands, too, so grab your favorite tee, twist it and tie it (either low on the hip or higher above your belly button), and you're good to go.
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Jesi Max

How to Do the Girl-Next-Door Look Right

When you think of the girl next door, someone like Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane in Spider-Man might come to mind. She’s that sweet, all-American girl whose take on style is easy and approachable. Interestingly, celebrities have been tapping into the girl-next-door look with their summer outfits—even celebs like Bella Hadid and Hailey Clauson who typically opt for edgier ensembles.

To get the look, try wearing classic prints like gingham, polka dots, or stripes. The patterns are classic and timeless, and their nod to retro style will always be in fashion. For accessories, add a pair of cool cat-eye sunglasses, a straw bag, and a simple pair of leather sandals. And finally, you can't go wrong adding denim in vintage-inspired cuts. Want to see how to wear the look?
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Jesi Max

Bella Hadid Just Went Braless in Summer's Coolest Boots

This summer, the concept of baring it all has undeniably been a huge movement as celebrities have been sporting the "naked trend" in every regard—including going braless. During one of our fashion chats on Instagram, we discussed with all of you the concept of wearing no bra, and you all proved very opinionated. So naturally, we can't wait to hear what you think of Bella's recent braless look.

While out and about in New York City, Bella Hadid opted for an all-white outfit, starting with a cropped tank (sans bra) and ending with summer's biggest shoe trend—white ankle boots. There is something about the monochrome tone of this ensemble that distracts from the fact that she is wearing no bra, landing the overall look on the more approachable side of the spectrum. Plus, chances are you already own a white cami, white jeans, and some sort of ankle boots, meaning you can re-create her summer look du jour with ease.
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